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Wellness Web Shop: Encirclings

Encirclings is a series of clay sculptures that are created to mirror or to embrace mystery, to encourage and enhance discovery.  They are meant to be furthered by the reflection of the receiver.

The gift of an Encircling is the gift of open space, of possibility, of trust in vision, of confidence in the Holy to reveal.  This gift can be given to another as a gift marking a significant journey, or as a confirmation of the holiness revealed in the ordinary beauty and mystery of the everyday.

One of the prime functions of the Encirclings series is to accompany, and eventually hold out to the viewer, a sacred element of the journey.  To that end, Encirclings could be taken on a retreat, accompany someone on a sabbatical, be with a person prior to surgery or enhance any life event.  Encirclings can provide the gift of celebrating, and helping to illuminate the many life transitions that bring with them opportunities of growth and deepening.

These sculptures make unique and thoughtful gifts, and can also become important symbols making the stages of movements in your own spiritual journey.